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Attitude and Aptitude

Research Backed Approaches to Leadership and Team Dynamics by Dr. Will Ramey, The Leadership Dr.

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The Harmonious Fusion of Attitude and Aptitude in Leadership

The only place aptitude comes before attitude is in the dictionary! However, when it comes to leading people there is a duality that forms the bedrock of effective leadership: attitude and aptitude. From my time in the U.S. Army this was considered character and competence. Who are you showing up as and how are you continually learning to grow your expertise?

Let’s explore the synergetic relationship between attitude and aptitude in leadership. Join me as we uncover how this harmonious fusion shapes exceptional leaders and guides us toward excellence.

Attitude: The Foundation of Character

Attitude encompasses the mindset, values, and beliefs that you bring to your role. It forms the core of a leader’s character, influencing behavior, decision-making, and interactions. The U.S. Army leadership doctrine recognizes that a positive attitude, driven by a commitment to ethics, integrity, and respect, is essential for building trust and fostering a cohesive team. Character is demonstrated by the alignment of our actions, decisions, and relationship with ethical behavior. Attitude and how we show up as an authentic ethical leader ready to bring positivity to the people we lead, and the work environment is where we begin to build momentum.

Aptitude: The Building Blocks of Competence

Aptitude refers to the skills, knowledge, and capabilities that you possess. Competence arises from a leader’s mastery of their field, a willingness to learn and adapt, and a dedication to continuous improvement. The U.S. Army leadership doctrine underscores the importance of honing technical and tactical proficiency, as well as embracing a growth mindset to navigate evolving challenges. Competence can be developed over time by opening yourself up to learning from a wide variety of sources. We must take ownership of learning and accept that it is a journey, not a destination. Aptitude and our commitment to honing our proficiency, combined with a positive attitude, is where we take momentum and convert it to kinetic energy.

Balance: Attitude and Aptitude in Leadership

Character-Driven Decision-Making: A positive attitude anchored in moral and ethical principles guides leaders to make principled decisions, ensuring the welfare of their team and the mission’s success.

Building Trust: Attitude plays a pivotal role in building trust within teams. Leaders with a transparent and respectful attitude foster an environment where trust thrives.

Learning and Adaptation: A growth-oriented attitude propels leaders to continuously learn, adapt, and innovate. This flexibility enhances their aptitude and enables them to navigate complex scenarios.

Lead by Example: An attitude of humility and accountability fosters an environment where leaders lead by example, demonstrating competence and encouraging their team to do the same.

Cohesive Team Dynamics: When leaders exhibit a positive attitude and possess aptitude, team members are inspired to collaborate, strive for excellence, and support one another.

U.S. Army Leadership Doctrine: A Guiding Light for all leaders

The U.S. Army’s leadership doctrine emphasizes that character and competence are the cornerstones of effective leadership. It recognizes that a leader’s character, driven by a positive attitude, influences their ability to connect with their team and uphold moral and ethical standards. Meanwhile, their competence, developed through continuous learning and honing aptitude, enables them to lead with expertise and credibility.

Fusion for Exceptional Leadership

The dynamic interplay between attitude and aptitude defines exceptional leadership, echoing the principles of the U.S. Army leadership doctrine. By cultivating a positive attitude rooted in values and ethics, and enhancing our aptitude through continuous learning, we navigate the path to becoming leaders who inspire trust, exhibit competence, and elevate both ourselves and our teams.

Let’s embark on this journey of harmonizing attitude and aptitude. As we nurture our character, strive for competence, and align our actions, we’ll shape a future where exceptional leadership thrives, propelling us toward success, unity, and enduring achievement.

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