#onthestacks celebrates 1 year anniversary

Bill Corcoran Jr.

#OnTheStacks Podcast Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary

#OnTheStacks Podcast Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary 1500 1000 OnTheStacks

The #OnTheStacks Podcast Celebrates 1-Year Anniversary with recent release of Episode 052!

Can you believe it’s been 1 year already?!

We celebrated our 1-year anniversary by inviting our first guests from Episode 001 back on the podcast for Episode 052.

We thought it was only fitting to have Kris & Steve Vanesko back on the podcast for the 1-year anniversary since they were the brave, first individuals to be on the podcast.

Also, the actual blu door that is seen in the photos from Episode 052, will remain in the podcast studio for an entire year – listen to the episode to hear why!

For your convenience, we took a moment to round up all 52 episodes from the first year and posted them below.

We’d also like to take a moment to say thank you and acknowledge our loyal listeners, guests, fans, supporters, and friends of #OnTheStacks!

All of this wouldn’t be possible without all of YOU!

Photo Credits: Darren Elias Photography

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Ep.052: Kris & Steve Vanesko – blu door Financial

#OnTheStacks episode 52 with Kris and Steve Vanesko, co-founders and partners at blu door Financial. In this episode, Kris and Steve share some knowledge on how to be a great salesperson, including how to “paint the picture” for a prospect during the sales process, and ways to to keep learning, growing, and always staying educated. Kris and Steve also talk and how they help people save money, reduce taxes and live a fuller financial life without all the stuffy and complicated financial jargon.

Ep.051: Scott Nichols – Seven 810 Fixtures

Scott Nichols

#OnTheStacks episode 51 with Scott Nichols, owner of Seven 810 Fixtures, a custom, handcrafted light fixture business. In this episode Scott shares his journey of overcoming his struggle with alcoholism, his passion for creating music, and the power of social media that helped launch his custom light fixture business.

Ep.050: Lauren Gorney – NEPA’rogi

Lauren Gorney - NEPA'rogi

#OnTheStacks episode 50 with Lauren Gorney, co-owner of NEPA’rogi. In this episode Lauren shares her experiences working in sales and marketing, explains how to sell through “storytelling,” and how the burnout of the 9-5 rat race gave her the opportunity to turn her passion for food, family, and culture into a new pierogi business – NEPA’rogi. Lauren also talks about mental health and the importance of scheduling time for yourself.

Ep.049: Kyle Reed – NEPA MMA

Kyle Reed NEPA Mixed Martial Arts

#OnTheStacks episode 49 with 3x World Champion, Sensei Kyle Reed, owner of NEPA Mixed Martial Arts. In this episode Kyle shares how he built his business and brand through engaging community events, word-of-mouth marketing, and referrals. Besides the obvious self-defense lessons, Kyle also talks about the importance of leadership and teaching children social skills, accountability, and confidence.

Ep.048: Ruth Corcoran – Corcoran Communications

Ruth Corcoran - Corcoran Communications

#OnTheStacks episode 48 with Ruth Corcoran, owner of a family-owned marketing, advertising and public relations firm, Corcoran Communications. In this episode Ruth shares her early beginnings in marketing and event planning, owning and operating a successful restaurant, takings big risks, and the importance of giving back to the community. We also talk all things content and digital marketing including: SEO, Google Rankings, Keywords, and more.

Ep.047: Jessica Sheehan – Bettelli’s Villa

Jessica Sheehan - Bettelli's Villa

#OnTheStacks episode 47 with Jessica Sheehan, operator and chef at Bettelli’s Villa. Jessica shares the history of her family’s 4th generation restaurant business, her passion for quality pizza, and how food connects people. Jessica also talks about overcoming her struggle with alcohol, her road to sobriety, and mental health.

Ep.046: Mike McGinley – Times Leader

Mike McGinley Times Leader Media Group

#OnTheStacks Episode 46 with Mike McGinley, major accounts executive at the Times Leader. In this episode Mike shares his various experiences working in journalism, digital marketing, and sales. Mike also talks about the evolution of the newspaper industry and how the Times Leader changed to a total audience approach to continue to engage and connect with their readers through a combination of print and digital.

Ep.045: Ryan Garvey – Quality Overhead Doors

Ryan Garvey - Quality Overhead Doors

#OnTheStacks episode 45 with Ryan Garvey, owner of Quality Overhead Doors. In this episode Ryan shares the story of how he got into the garage door business, the learning curves of being a new/young business owner, providing excellent customer service that enabled him to grow quickly, and his mindset about creating jobs for the community.

Ep.044: Hannah Burgess – Beekeeper’s Daughter

Hannah Burgess The Beekeeper's Daughter

#OnTheStacks episode 44 with Hannah Burgess, owner of The Beekeeper’s Daughter. In this episode, Hannah shares the story of how she went from selling her raw honey at local farmers markets to buzzing her way onto shelves of national retailers. Hannah also talks about branding, packaging, and new product innovation.

Ep.043: Nicole Farber – ENX2 Marketing

Nicole Farber ENX2 Marketing

#OnTheStacks episode 43 with Nicole Farber, CEO of ENX2 Marketing. In this episode, Nicole shares her story of overcoming adversity in life and in business, the sacrifices business owners make, and getting outside of your comfort zone.

Ep.042: Bill Jones – United Way of Wyoming Valley

Bill Jones United Way

#OnTheStacks Episode 42 with Bill Jones, President and CEO of the United Way of Wyoming Valley. In this episode Bill shares how his early career in banking lead him to find his passion and begin working in non-profit industry to do he what he loves most: serve people in need. Bill also talks about some of the United Way’s initiatives of investing in the youth of the community, fundraising in a tough environment, the importance of education and reading to children at a young age, and developing community partnerships including one recently with singer-songwriter, Dolly Parton.

Ep.041: Jane Henry – Jane’s Sugar Magnolia

Janes Sugar Magnolia

#OnTheStacks Episode 41 with Jane Henry, owner and lead decorator at Jane’s Sugar Magnolia. In this episode Jane shares her experience working with celebrity pastry chef, Ron Ben-Israel in New York City before returning to her hometown of Dallas Pennsylvania to follow her dream of opening her own specialty pastry shop. Jane also talks about finding your path, always being a student and learning, and taking chances to avoid having any regrets in life and business.

Ep.040: Bill Corcoran Sr. – Corcoran Printing

Bill Corcoran Sr. Corcoran Printing

#OnTheStacks Episode 40 with Bill Corcoran Sr., Owner and President of Corcoran Printing. In this episode Bill gives a little history of the 4th generation family business as the company celebrates their 80th Anniversary this year. Bill explains how the company has been able to adapt and grow by taking an opposite approach to its competitors, specializing in luxury packaging, and building an inbound sales model through strong SEO and content marketing. Bill also shares his knowledge of creating multiple sources of income through real estate and investing in the stock market.

Ep.039: Rocky Rhodes – 98.5 KRZ

Rocky Rhodes 98.5 KRZ

#OnTheStacks Episode 39 with Rocky Rhodes from 98.5 KRZ. In this episode, Rocky shares a little behind the scenes of his lifelong experience as an on-air radio personality and some fun memories while the station celebrates their 40th anniversary this year. He also talks about the current state of the radio industry, how KRZ built its brand and listenership, and how they have been successful despite rapidly changing technology and stiff competition.

Ep.038: Neil Edley – Sugar Plum Chocolates

neil edley sugar plum chocolates

#OnTheStacks Episode 38 with Neil Edley, Chief Innovation Officer at Sugar Plum Chocolates. In this episode Neil share his passion for culture and food, the importance of innovation, and how his global travel inspires new product development.

Ep.037: Jeff Kátra – Impact

Jeff Katra Impact

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 37 with Jeff Kátra, Customer Success Manager at Impact. In this episode Jeff shares his expert knowledge on organization, prioritization, setting expectations with your managers and co-workers, and everything else you need to know to work from home efficiently and successfully. Jeff also talks about his passion for woodworking that recently turned into a business of handcrafting high quality cornhole boards.

Ep.036: Eric Kuhn – The Haberdashery

Eric Kuhn The Haberdashery

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 36 with Eric Kuhn, owner of the Haberdashery & Luxe 900. In this episode Eric talks about his love for fashion, the importance of supporting American workers and locally owned businesses, and his “do anything for your customers” type attitude that keeps people coming back.

Ep.035: Sara Peperno & Amy Feldman – Northeast Sight Services

Northeast Sight Services

OnTheStacks Podcast episode 35 with Sara Peperno and Amy Feldman of Northeast Sight Services, a 102 year old nonprofit organization dedicated to serving the needs of the blind and visually impaired community. In this episode, Sara and Amy share their experiences working together in the nonprofit industry, building a great team, and how they created and branded a “non-event” to raise funding during a pandemic with their “No Show Awards Dinner.”

Ep.034 Brad Barry & Tim McDermott – Japhy Creative

Brad and Tim - Japhy Creative

OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 34 with Brad Barry and Tim McDermott, Co-Founders and Partners at Japhy Creative. In this episode Brad and Tim share their story: “two film majors who started a business.” We also talk about the day-to-day challenges of small business owners, what makes great video content, and the grit and underdog status of Northeastern Pennsylvania.

Ep.033: Fred Maier – Susquehanna Brewing Co.

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 33 with Fred Maier, Co-Founder and Vice President of the Susquehanna Brewing Company. A 6th generation family of beer brewers with deep roots in Northeastern Pennsylvania, Fred shares a little family history, the evolution of the rapidly changing beer industry, and what makes their beer “Brewed Right.®”

Ep.032: Todd Carmichael – La Colombe Coffee

Todd Carmichael - La Colombe Coffee

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 32 with Todd Carmichael, Co-Founder and CEO of La Colombe Coffee Roasters. He used to work in the warehouse at Starbucks. Now, his coffee empire is worth $1.2 Billion. Operating 30 stores across 6 states, Todd shares his humble beginnings, the importance of innovation, company culture, and the concept of being a decent neighbor.

Ep.031: Tony Brooks – Wilkes-Barré Preservation Society

Tony Brooks

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 31 with Tony Brooks, Director of the Wilkes-Barré Preservation Society. A history buff with a passion for all things Wilkes-Barré, Tony shares his experiences and successes in life, including one that ultimately changed history forever and one that he is most proud of, the city councils’ unanimous vote to pass an anti-discrimination ordinance to help protect the local LGBT community.

Ep.030: Bob Kalinowski – Citizens’ Voice

Bob Kalinowski - Citizens' Voice

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 30 with Bob Kalinowski, reporter from the Citizens’ Voice. In this episode Bob shares his passion for writing, his appreciation for the military and veterans, and his most recent experience as the pool reporter when Vice President Mike Pence visited Wilkes-Barre.

Ep.029: Chris Bohinski – PA Live!

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 29 with Chris Bohinski, Co-Host of PA Live! on WBRE and Creator of the SmileStory. In this episode Chris shares his experiences working in production on nationally televised TV shows, not being afraid to ask for help, performing in front of 50,000 people on Groundhog Day at Gobbler’s Knob, and his personal mission to spread happiness, joy, and positivity through his written and video blog online at SmileStory.org.

Ep.028: Amber Loomis: Osterhout Free Library

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 28 with Amber Loomis, Director of Development and Community Relations at the Osterhout Free Library. Amber shares how her life experiences from a young age inspired her to pursue a career path of giving back to the community and helping less fortunate individuals in the Northeast Pennsylvania region.

Ep.027: Dr. Loren Grossman & Dr. Steve Hippeli

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 27 with Dr. Loren Grossman and Dr. Steve Hippeli. In this episode, Loren and Steve share how their core values along with investments in new technology and great people have allowed them to grow their dental practice and better serve their patients. Steve also shares his recent achievement of being selected as one of the “Top 40 Under 40 – America’s Best Young Dentists” by the Incisal Edge Magazine.

Ep.026: Amy Frenchko & Noelle Balent- The Northeast Wine Company

#OnTheStacks episode 26 with Amy Frenchko and Noelle Balent, partners at a women-owned wine importing business, The Northeast Wine Company. In this episode, we share a couple of glasses of BeBike wine while Amy and Noelle share their expertise and journey of sourcing the best wines from around the globe.

Ep.025: Glenn Lawless- InterMetro Industries 

#OnTheStacks Podcast episode 25 with Glenn Lawless of IntroMetro Industries. Glenn shares his story and experiences working for the world’s leading shelving and storage solutions company, how they’ve taken creative risks to produce unique digital and video content, and their initiative to give back to the community through a $50,000 kitchen makeover contest.

Ep.024: Darren Elias- Darren Elias Photography

#OnTheStacks Podcast episode 24 with Photographer, Darren Elias. Published in several magazines, including an award-winning photo of Air Force One during Barack Obama’s Presidency, Darren shares his story and passion for photography from a very young age.

Ep.023: Will Beekman- Mohegan Sun Arena

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 23 with Will Beekman, General Manager of the Mohegan Sun Arena. In this episode, Will shares his experiences as a facility manager, talent buyer, and live event marketer. Will also weighs in on the future of live events and how COVID-19 has impacted the concert industry.

Ep.022: Nick Duvall- Duvall Leatherwork

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 22 with Nick Duvall, Owner of Duvall Leatherwork. In this episode, Nick shares the story of why he left his full-time job in land surveying to follow his lifelong passion for leathercraft and how he transformed his hobby into a successful handmade leather goods business.

Ep.021: Johnny Popko- Alt 92.1

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 21 with Johnny Popko, Host of Alt-Natives on Alt 92.1. From General Manager of NEPA’s No. 1 arts & entertainment newspaper to host of FM radio station that highlights local musicians, Popko shares his experiences in the local media industry and all the weird things in between.

Ep.020: Donna & Chris Caruso- Eleventh Element

#OnTheStacks Podcast episode 20 with Donna & Chris Caruso, co-founders of Eleventh Element. In this episode, Donna and Chris discuss why they moved back to NEPA (from Florida) and how a personal, sports-related injury led to opening a spa business.

Ep.019: Charlie Consagra 

#OnTheStacks Podcast episode 19 with Charlie Consagra, owner of Novation Networks. In this episode we talk about how technology solutions are different for every company and how it enables your business to be more productive. You’ll also hear the story about the podcast “table” in our studio and Charlie’s commitment to giving back to the NEPA business community

Ep.018: Rachael Baratta

Rae Baratta

#OnTheStacks Podcast episode 18 with Graphic Designer & Illustrator Rachael Baratta. In this episode, Rachael talks about her experiences in the graphic design industry, branding, illustration, and how to remain confident and happy about your creative work.

Ep.017: Rob Nelson: Big League Chew

Rob Nelson - Big League Chew

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 18 features the story of the iconic shredded bubble gum brand, Big League Chew, told by inventor and former Portland Mavericks left-handed pitcher, Rob “Nellie” Nelson. The now “Hall of Fame Bubble Gum” is celebrating its 40th Anniversary and has sold over 800 million pouches of gum.

Ep.016: Josh Katyl: Katyl Agency

Josh Katyl - Katyl Insurance Agency

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 16. In this episode I chat with Josh Katyl, owner of the Katyl Agency about opportunity, reputation and the lessons he learned from his father and grandfather growing up.

Ep.015: Denny Corby

Denny Corby

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 15 features Magician, Comedian, and Entertainer, Denny Corby. In this episode, Denny talks about his experiences performing all over the world for audiences of various sizes, including on a national televised show, Penn & Teller: Fool Us.

Ep.014: Dan Cronauer- 10X Fitness 

Dan Cronauer - 10X Fitness

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 14 with Dan Cronauer, Co-Owner of 10X Fitness. Dan talks about the importance that physical fitness and the gym has on mental health and the reason why he decided to reopen his gym against Governor Wolf’s orders during the COVID-19 shutdown.

Ep.013: Jenny Hetro- Back Mountain Chamber

Jenny Hetro Back Mountain Chamber

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 13 with Jenny Hetro, Executive Director of the Back Mountain Chamber. Jenny talks about finding a way to make yourself invaluable, stretching yourself, and hiring people that are smarter and better than you to help you grow.

Ep.012: Paul Clifford- Penn State Alumni Association

Paul Clifford Penn State Alumni Association

WE ARE….#OnTheStacks with Paul Clifford, CEO of the Penn State Alumni Association. Paul talks about his journey becoming CEO and what it’s like leading the largest dues-paying alumni association in the world.

Ep.011: Kelly Rava- Empowerment Education

Kelly Rava Empowerment Education

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 11. Kelly Rava talks about her personal experience of being bullied as a child and why she started Empowerment Education, a nonprofit with the goal of providing a proactive approach to end bullying in schools.

Ep.010: Maria Traino- Inspired Studio

Maria Traino Inspired Studio

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 10. I chat with Maria Traino from Inspired Studio about branding and marketing. Changing and shifting your brand over time. Getting yourself to 70% and launching that shit. If you wait for perfect, you’ll never do it. F$@k perfectionism & roll with 70%. Done is better than perfect.

Ep.009: Dave Maloney & Tyler Rice- AxelRad Screen Printing

AxelRad Screen Printing

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 9 – I chat with Dave Maloney & Tyler Rice from AxelRad Screen Printing about the “Shirt Off Our Backs Movement,” an initiative of selling t-shirts through their website that raised over $58,000 to support hundreds of local NEPA businesses during the COVID-19 shutdown….and they’re not done yet!

Ep.008: Jon Troutman- Empathy Wines

Jon Troutman Empathy Wines

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 8. A true story about my recent disappointing experience with the wine brand, Empathy Wines, and how CEO & Co-Founder, Jon Troutman, went above and beyond to make it right, gain my trust back & turn a negative into a positive. Jon, who took an unpaid internship fresh out of college with Gary Vaynerchuck over 10 years ago, talks about his experiences working with #TeamGaryVee, eventually leading him to co-found Empathy Wines with Gary Vee & Nate Scherotter.

Ep.007: Elyse Wilson & Dr. Jason Nataupsky – 501cFREE


#OnTheStacks (virtual) Podcast Episode 7 features Elyse Wilson & Dr. Jason Nataupsky, Chair & Co-Chair of 501cFREE, an organization founded by the Westmoreland Club to engage, enrich, and elevate local NEPA 501(c)(3) organizations via a voting process to win over $10,000 in resources and funding.

Ep.006: Mike McLaughlin & Chris Kuhar- Halibut Blue

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 6: features Mike McLaughlin and Chris Kuhar, partners at Halibut Blue, an award winning advertising agency that during the most uncertain time in the world due to COVID-19, launched #HalibutHelps, an initiative to offer their services FREE of charge to any NEPA non-profit that needs help getting information out.

Ep.005: Haley Bianco- PA Live! 

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 5: a behind the scenes look at the personal and professional life of Haley Bianco, Host of PA Live on WBRE.

Ep.004: Ted Wampole- Visit Luzerne County

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 4 with Ted Wampole, Executive Director of Visit Luzerne County. We talk about the origin of Mr. Peanut, Rockin’ the River Concert Series, Eckley Miners’ Village, and squashing the notion that “there’s nothing to do in Luzerne County.”

Ep.003: Jim Broda- Rebennacks Appliance

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 3 features the incredible story of how 2x college dropout, Jim Broda, turns $30,000 investment of appliance store into $32million.

Ep.002: Dr. Malcolm Conway – Conway Clinic

#OnTheStacks podcast Episode 002 with Dr. Malcolm Conway of Conway Clinic, a Chiropractor with a niche in sports medicine. Malcolm shares his experiences using cutting edge technology to treat & train NFL, NHL, NBA, & MLB athletes; and a true success story, from wheelchair to walking again using ARP Wave Therapy, the Ferrari of Neurotherapy.

Ep.001: Kris & Steve Vanesko – blu door Financial

#OnTheStacks Podcast Episode 001 features Kris and Steve Vanesko, brothers and co-founders of blu door Financial. We talk about building your financial house, grit, and what it takes to be successful not only in sales and business, but in life as well. Bonus at the end: the story of how #OnTheStacks started.

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