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Dr. Will Ramey joins OnTheStacks

Dr. Will Ramey Joins the OnTheStacks Team of Bloggers

Dr. Will Ramey Joins the OnTheStacks Team of Bloggers 800 600 OnTheStacks

Research Backed Approaches to Leadership and Team Dynamics with Dr. Will Ramey, The Leadership Dr.

We’re excited to officially announce that Dr. Will Ramey, a Leadership Expert in building high performance teams through a “Shared Leadership” method, has joined the OnTheStacks Team of bloggers to share his expertise, knowledge, and experiences to help you be the best leader for your team.

Here’s a little blurb from the Leadership Doc himself about what you can expect going forward!

Who is Dr. Will Ramey?

Dr. Will Ramey

Dr. Will Ramey – The Scholarly Leadership Practitioner. I am here to help you and your team achieve success together.

You may recognize my name and some of these leadership concepts from Ep.128 of the #OnTheStacks Podcast.

I have had the privilege of leading teams with combined experiences serving as a U.S. Army Officer, a group leader for a Fortune 50 Company, and leading at the Director level for the Department of Defense. I’ve led a variety of teams from maintenance and distribution to city management and space control. Yes, space, the final frontier where I earned the little-known Army Space Badge.

My favorite aspect of leadership has been helping others grow & reach their full potential so that teams achieve success together. I’ve been a student of leadership and organizational behavior for most of my career. This intrigue led me to study and learn about the relationship of leaders and teams at the doctoral level of academia. I’ve researched leaders and teams receiving my Doctorate from Drexel University.

I currently serve as the CXO of Shared Leadership, LLC, a full spectrum leadership and team development solutions company. I get the opportunity to work with amazing individuals and teams to positively impact their lives by improving work environments.

Why am I here?

When it comes to leadership & team building, I’ve had my fair share of struggles and triumphs. I’ve felt everything from overwhelm and exhaustion to pride and exhilaration. I’ve had the privilege of leading people in a variety of environments and industries. Leading people, developing team dynamics, and achieving high performance can feel like a solo rollercoaster ride at times. Not anymore!

Leadership can no longer only be thought of as a top-down directive approach to getting people to execute tasks based on one person’s position. Leadership can be a social interactive process that occurs between people, regardless of position, however, we still need appointed team leaders who are competent and have upstanding character. These team leaders bring the best out of their teams.

The world of work is changing and how we lead will change with it. You don’t have to carry the burden of leadership on your own. Share the responsibilities with your team regardless. The good news is, you are not alone, and this is where I come in.

What is Our Mission?

At Shared Leadership, LLC we are on a mission to spark positive change in workplace culture. We help teams reframe the top-down leadership model and elevate team dynamics so leadership can be shared, and performance goes up!

We believe that you don’t need a title to lead, and that everyone has the ability to contribute, influence, and share in ownership of outcomes. When teams share in leadership, they are more creative, committed, satisfied, and outperform the competition.

Now this mission also includes sharing these tactics, techniques, and tips with you here on the OnTheStacks blog.

Learn to reshape your mindset and strengthen your abilities to constructively lead and shape a positive, psychologically safe work environment. Gain a fresh perspective on team dynamics and processes to elevate performance. Contribute to an up-beat, optimistic work environment where challenges are welcomed, and objectives are achieved.

I’ve researched leadership behaviors and team dynamics in organizations. I bring the latest science from the field of organizational behavior, leadership, and team dynamics to provide evidence-based solutions for you.

If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.

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